Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Learn Descriptive Paragraph

                                         Descriptive paragraph
In a descriptive paragraph, the writer describes a person, place or thing. Details in a descriptive paragraph are specific and appeal to the senses. They should present a clear word picture for the reader.

1-Most people experiences the world through all five senses. In a descriptive paragraph, therefore a writer appeals to the reader experiences by including sensory words that appeal to the senses. For example;
Sight- shade, green, black.
Sound- chattering rusted.
Touch- spongy.
Taste- sweet, spicy, rotten.

2- The writer also uses specific words, such as sparrows instead of birds, jogger and her Collie instead of a person and her dog.

3- the writer arranged details in a logical order. As you picture the sense, your eyes move from the tree tops to the ground, then to the fountain and to two corners of the park. There are many ways you can arrange details to describe a person, place or thing.
From top to bottom.
From side to side.
From least important to most important.
From bottom to top.
From away to close up.
--------------------------------- Our tuck shop--------------------------------
We have a nice little tuck shop in our school. It is just beside our gymnasium. It is run by Bob, a young man of forty. He keeps the shop as neat as clean as possible. He sells fruit, cold drinks, milk, butter-milk, tea and whatnot. His charges are very moderate, but he does not sell anything on credit. His shop consists of three rooms. In the one, he prepares sweets, In the second, he arranges various articles for sale. He keeps them in glass cupboards, beyond the reach of flies. In the third, he serves these things on marble tables before his customers. They sit on decent chairs, and eat and drink whatever they like. He uses pure milk and his preparations are frequently tested by Principal. It is always pleasure to pay visit his tuck shop.

(Keeping the instruction in the mind try to write you own, short descriptive paragraph)

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