Saturday, March 26, 2011

Learn Expository Paragraph

    In an expository paragraph, the writer explains a subject to the reader. Details in an expository paragraph are informative, clear, and carefully arranged so that the reader can understand the subject.

1- Think about your subject. Do you understand it well enough to explain it to someone else, or do you need to find more information before you can write?

2- Choose the information you want to give about your subject. You may to use a jotting out lines to list the kinds of information you could give.

3- Arrange that information in logical order. Chronological order, for example, is the best order for expository paragraphs that give step by step in formations.

4- State your subject clearly in a topic sentence.

5- Present the information in order you have chosen. Use transitions to connect ideas.

6- End with sentence that mentions your subject again.
     Have you ever told someone else any of these things?
     How to get from your home to job?
     How to write a check?
     How caterpillars become butterflies?
     How to put together a set of book shelves?
If so, then try expository paragraph.

Here is an expository paragraph.
           Are you looking for a place to live? Do you know what kind of housing you want to live? There are many ways to find out about housing. For example, you can start by telling people that you are looking neighbors, friends, and people you work with may know of  a place that hasn't ever been advertised. Next, if you know which area. Watch for "For Sale" or " For Rent" signs. You might ask people on the street if they know of any places in the area. One of the best way to look for housing, though, is to look in the real estate section of the newspaper. The ads there will give a good chance to compare prices. They also may give you an idea about other kinds of housing. Finding a place to live will be easier if you use several plans in your search.


  1. I don't want to be rude, but you English is not that good. Maybe you should improve your own level of English before you create a blog dedicated to studying English. For example "give you a ideas"? Wtf is this? The correct phrase is "give you an idea about something". Anyway, after reading this article, I would not come back to this blog for information about the English language.

  2. I am with you Aura -
    The usage of the word you here is not good. 'you' should only be used if the intended purpose of the text is to speak directly to one single reader - a second person. Otherwise you need to use a third person formal voice.
    This is not a complete sentence - Next, if you know which area.
    This is also incorrect - One of the best way to - ways is the correct word for plural use of way
    Expository is also a rather broad genre heading for this example which is clearly instructional. It is not purely informative in nature.

  3. Aura Catalina and Nenfoofer,
    Thanks for your comments.Do visit my blog time to time.I am new and not familiar with computer keyboard and usu make mistakes.i need your help.