Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learn Persuasive Paragraph

           In a persuasive paragraph, the writer tries to convince the reader to accept the writer's opinion.That opinion is supported with factual, logical details. 
1-Decide on your opinion(opinion of view).
2-State your opinion clearly in a topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph.
3-Give two or three logical reasons and factual reasons in support of your opinion.
4-Give your best reason last,use transitions in paragraph.
5-End with the restatement of your opinion.
Note: remember three things.
------------------------------Shelters at bus stops--------------------------
The city should build a shelter at each in the business district.First of all, shelter along busy streets would make the stops easy to find.Shelters also would provide a new way for business to advertise.Finally, shelters would give protection from the weather; commuters could wait for their buses in greater comfort. Workers in the business district would welcome shelters along the bus routs.
(Now follow the instructions and try to write your own persuasive paragraph)

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