Monday, April 11, 2011

A visit to a circus

        A circus came to our town in November last. I saw its posters on the walls. I went there, one day, to see an afternoon show. It began with the appearance of two clowns. They were dressed in multicolored clothes. They cut jokes with each other. Their talk was so funny that it made us laugh very heartily. Then came six horses, with a rider on the back of each. They ran, with the riders standing on their backs. They jumped from horse to horse and filled us all with great surprise. Then came the elephants, the monkeys and the camels to show their wonderful tricks. after the intervals, six pretty looking girls entertained us with their songs, and dances and gymnastics. Last of all came two lions and a well-dressed young man with whip in his hand. He ordered them to stand on their legs, and they obeyed him. We clapped our hands, when we saw them drink water with two goats. The show ended after that, and we returned home full of great surprise at what we had seen.

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