Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Learn Narrative Paragraph

In a narrative paragraph,the writer tells a story.The detail in the story create an interesting narrative and make a point.

1-the story in a narrative paragraph must begin and end in just a few sentences.Therefore it is very important to choose details carefully.Many details that would be fine in a long book would be out of place in single paragraph.

2-It is also important to have point in your mind before you write.The details you choose should be told in logical and chronological order,what happened first,next and so on.The details you choose should also lead to the final event,called the climax(event or point).

3-It is in the climax of the story that the point is made.Think about the details as you read the paragraph.
Notice:-The topic sentence comes at the end.look at the order in which the details appear.

4-In this kind of paragraph,not every sentence directly supports the topic sentence.instead,he narrative builds from sentence to sentence until the story has reached it's climax and the point has made.

--------------------------- An interesting story "Father's horses"-------------------------

           There lived a landlord in a certain town. He was very fond of riding and hunting. He had many beautiful horses in his stable. His syce looked after them with great care and attention. He met a little girl at the gate of his stable one day she was the youngest daughter of his head syce. He wanted to say something to her father about one of his horses. But he was not at home.He wanted to leave with her a message for him."Do you know who i am?,"Said to her."o yes,i do,"was her quick reply."You are the man who rides my father's horses."

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