Tuesday, April 5, 2011

(3) Disputes

Criticism of someone with whom you disagree.
You're without a clue. (info)
Don't you know anything?
How can you be so stupid? (info)
That ain't the way I heard it.

Calling someone crazy.
You're off your joker. (info)
You're out of your mind. (info)
He's two bricks shy of a load.
You're out of your tree.
You're out of your head.

Questioning someone's sanity.
Are you crazy?
Is he nuts?
Are you out of your tree?
Are you out of it?
Have you gone crazy?
Have you gone insane?
Have you gone mad?
Have you gone stark raving mad?
Have you gone loco? (info)
Have you gone plumb loco? (info)
Have you lost your mind?
Have lost your senses?
Have you lost your marbles?

Encouraging someone to be more sensible.
Get a life. (ifo)
Get real!
Come back to earth. (info)

Asking  disbelief or disagreement.
For real? (info)
No kidding?
Are you serious?
Are you pulling my leg?

When someone says something outrageous.
Get out of town!
You're kidding!
That blows my mind. (info)

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