Thursday, April 7, 2011

A walk on a moon- lit night

         The moon, the queen of the night, was shining in the sky right gloriously. The twinkling stars looked very grand and majestic. I was greatly charmed by the beauty of the moon-lit night. I couldn't help going out for a walk. The houses, the shops, the trees and the road itself were shining like so many springs of endless light. A cow here and a dog there were seen moving silently about, perhaps, like myself, they were also mad with joy at the beauty of the night. Before long, I was passing through rich fields of ripe corn. the golden ears of wheat greeted my eyes, Wherever I went. The glorious moon-beams added to grace of the scenery all around. At last I stood near the canal. It was flowing very softly. The moon and stars were reflected in its clear water. The golden rays of the moon danced over the waves. I sat spellbound under a tree, still the realm of the sky was completely conquered by the sun, the lord of the day. 

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