Sunday, April 3, 2011

(B) Launching the conversation

Starting an informal conversation.
Guess what?
Have heard the latest?
Get a load of this. (info)
Dig this.

Inviting someone to talk.
You got a minute?
Get a minute?
I need to talk.
Let’s talk.

Coming to the point of the matter.
Make no bones about it.
Read my lips.
      Let’s call a spade a spade.
      Here’s the bottom line.

      Requesting that speaker get to the point.
      What’s your point?
      Get to the point.
      Cut to the chase.

      Various conversational phrases.
      If I may add some information?
      Pardon my French.
      Know what I mean?
      You know what I’m saying?
      Encouraging someone to speak plainly.
      Lay it on the line. (info)
      Tell it to me like a man. (info)
      Give to me straight. (info)
      Give it to me in plain English.
      Don’t beat around the bush.
      Cut the crap.

      Noting digressions in a conversation.
      That’s beside the point.
      That’s beside the question.
     That’s not at issue.
     That’s not the issue.
     That’s off the subject.
     That’s irrelevant.
     Hat’s another can of worms.
     You are getting of the subject.
     As you were saying…
    Getting back to the point..
    But I disagree. (for)

    Repeating what you have said.
    As I’ve said….
    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times.

    When someone is being repetitious.
    So you said.
    Stop beating a dead horse.
    We get the point, already.
    We heard you already.
    Agreeing with a speaker.
    It seems.
    So it would seem.

    Answers to “How did you find out?”
    It’s a common knowledge.
    We are openly visible to everyone.
    News travel fast.
    But news travel fast.
    None of your business. (info)

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