Monday, April 4, 2011

(D, 3) Complex matters.

Encouraging someone not to be excited.
Don't loose your cool.
Don't blow your cool.
Don't blow a gasket.
Don't go in to hysterics.
Don't go in to hysterics on me.

Encouraging someone to relax.
Simmer down.
Calm down.
Be calm.
Calm yourself.
Deal with it. (info)

Encouraging someone to be less aggressive-informal.
Don't have a cow.
Give it a rest.
You got ants in pants.

When someone is cold and unfeeling- informal.
You're as cold as ice.
You're a cold fish.
Have you no qualms?
Have you scruples?
Have you no conscience?
Have you no thought for anyone but yourself?
Think you before you speak.
Think before youact.
Try putting yourself in my shoes.

What to say to smoker.
This is a none smoking area.
This is a none smoking building.
It's your funeral. (info)

A smoker's response to a none smoker's complaint.
Mind your own business.
Go to a none smoking area.

Questions a smoker might ask.
Got a match?
You got a lighter?
Do you mind if I smoke?

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